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Budget Car Tyres

Ellis Motors can provide a small range of budget car tyres. These tyres are cheaper than standard car tyres and as such they will have a shorter life span and provide less performance than other types of tyres.

If you need a quick replacement due to a puncture or uneven ware then a budget tyre may be suitable. Also if you only do short journeys around the local towns with only some occasional motorway driving then a budget car tyre may be all you need.

Standard Car Tyres

Ellis Motors can provided a full range of standard car tyres for most cars and light vans. Most well known brands are available. A good standard car tyre will give you a good life span of the tyre, if looked after, a lower road noise and better handling at higher speeds.

If you do most of your driving on motorways at higher speeds then you need to make sure that you have a high speed rating car tyre.

Performance Car Tyres

Performance car tyres tend to be the more expense in the range of car tyres that Ellis Motors can supply. These car tyres tend to be for more high performance and executive style cars which need to cope with higher speeds, longer journeys, and provide better comfort and handling for the driver.

There are also a number of Manufactures that specify the exact car tyre required for that car. For instance the Mini has special non deflating car tyres, which is why they don’t carry a spare. Some Audi, BMW, Mercedes, & Porsche models will require the manufacture specific tyre to be fitted.

Car Tyre Puncture Repairs

Ellis Motors provide a full car tyre repair service.

A flat car tyre can have many causes, from a simple nail to a more serious side wall bulge. Depending on the cause of the flat car tyre will determine as to whether it can be repaired.

A small puncture, caused by a sharp object like a nail, across the top plane of the car tyre can normally be repaired within a few minutes meaning that the whole tyre does not have to be replaced.

However if the object has affected the side wall of the tyre then the car tyre cannot be repaired safely and will need to be replaced.

What Size Tyres For My Car Explained

How To Determine The Size Of New Tyres Required For Your Car


New Tyre Performance Markings

There are several markings on the side wall of your tyres, which you will need to reference in order to determine the specification of a replacement new tyre.

The marking refer to the size, speed and weight ratings. You will need to match a new tyre to those already on the car.

How To Buy New Car Tyres

Simply give us a call and we’ll give you a quote over the phone. You then bring your car to the garage and we fit your new tyres for you. You can choose to leave the car with us or wait whilst we fit the new tyre/s.

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