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Your car exhaust system is made up of many component car exhaust parts / sections. This allows for the replacement of just one section as opposed to replacing the entire exhaust which can save money on the car exhaust repair.

Car exhaust prices differ for each make and model of car. Some cars have a dual system having two full exhaust systems that run the length of the car. These twin pipe car exhaust systems tend to be found on higher spec performance and executive cars.

Exhaust Problems To Watch Out For

Noise Levels change!

One of the first tell tell signs of exhaust problems is that you hear a louder than normal noise coming from beneath the car. The sound may be muffled as air gets sucked into any holes in the exhaust pipe. If there is a hole in the silencer box then your car will sound more like a tractor than a car!

Exhaust Smell In the Cabin!

If you start to smell exhaust fumes inside your car whilst driving then you need to get the car checked immediately. Car fumes are very toxic and can cause death. So if in any doubt get it checked out.

Lack of Power or Poor Car Performance!

If you feel the car is under performing, as in the fuel consumption has gone down or your don’t seem to have as much power when you press the accelerator then you may have an exhaust system issue.

Repairing Car Exhaust Issues

Simply give us a call and we’ll book a convenient time for you to bring the car into the garage. We’ll perform a full inspection of your car exhaust system to determine the fault and then advise you of the cost to fix the issue to get you safely back on the road.

For any car exhaust issue call Ellis Motors today on 01444 480606.